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Message from the Rector




Message from

the Rector


Welcome to our web site! We're glad you found us.




We are an historic congregation




We were founded as the first church in White Bear Lake in 1860 by a woman, Laura Aubrey, of England. The Aubrey family donated the land where the original church stood from 1860 until 1874, when it was moved across the ice (yes, in winter you can use Minnesota lakes as roads!). Today that original land is the site of our charming cemetery. The first church building lasted another 50 years, when it was replaced by our present stone and stucco building at 1st  Street and Clark Avenue.








We are a program congregation



Our dreams turn into programs, led by the members of St. John's. The clergy are resources for lay ministry. We have prioritized our ministry into youth and children's programs, excellence in worship, and strong community outreach.








We are an imaginative congregation



We dreamed what kind of church God is calling us to become, and we developed a strategic plan to reach those goals for ministry in a new millennium.








We are an inclusive congregation




We cherish the diversity of the 300 households that make up the identity of St. John's, just as we treasure being part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, the daughter churches of the Church of England. Former Presiding Bishop Browning of our national church electrified church members across the United States when he proclaimed that in the Episcopal Church there will be no outcasts. We have room for all persons, including those wounded by prior religious contacts!








We would like to be your Church



Drop in and worship with us at on Sunday mornings, and on Wednesday evenings. Call us at 651-429-5351, and ask for more information. Try us on for size!